“This is by far the best thing I ever did in selling Thoroughbreds. Using your services has made me a lot of money!” – A.L.

“It’s not enough to hire a company who just sends out someone to operate a camera; you have to have someone like Jennifer who also knows horses. It makes all the difference in understanding how to show them to their best advantage.” – T.C.

“Definitely the best quality videos of our horses

we ever purchased.” – A.S.

To attract buyers' attention, you have to present your horse to its best advantage, and stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you have a Thoroughbred to sell or your farm to promote, effective marketing can make the difference in making the sale or buyers looking elsewhere.  

​So think it's not worth paying someone for outstanding photos and videos? First, it may be cheaper than you think. And secondly, if it makes the difference in a successful sale, you can't afford not to.

Visit our YouTube channel to see more samples of videos we've done for our happy clients,

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Calling All Farms:  Want to attract more customers?  Let us help create a unique video to tell the world about what you do: 

 When perusing a popular website with lots of horses for sale, you've most likely you've seen some really bad photos and videos. But remember, many buyers choose not to pursue a likely prospect simply because of an uninspiring description (with spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors), unflattering and unprofessional photos, and/or perhaps worst of all, poor videos. If a seller (or farm owner) doesn't appear to care enough to put together a professional-appearing advertisement for a horse (or a product), why should potential buyers spend their time or money?

Here's a sampling of the kind of sales videos that

we can do for your horses: