Here's another sample of a great sales video we did utilizing footage obtained exclusively at a competition.  This video emphasizes this lovely mare's exceptional looks and movement.  We can customize a sales video to emphasize each individual horse's strengths as well as owner preferences.

Equine Products & Services:  We can also help create videos to educate consumers about your new product or service, like this one: 

Farms, Businesses, & Organizations:  Want to attract more customers?  Let us help create a unique video to tell the world about what you do: 

 Ever perused a popular website with lots of horses for sale? Then most likely you've seen some really bad videos. Many buyers choose not to pursue a likely prospect simply because of an uninspiring description (with spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors), unflattering and unprofessional photos, and/or perhaps worst of all, poor videos. If the seller (or business owner) doesn't appear to care enough to put together a professional-appearing advertisement for a horse (or a product), why should 

potential buyers spend their time or money?

Here's a sampling of what we're talking about:

As you can see, there's much more to effective video marketing than just turning on a smartphone.  Putting together even a simple video can be full of intricacies. Yellow Horse Marketing can help. We specialize in developing a video from concept to conclusion with fantastic features for a surprisingly reasonable cost. And we can customize the videos to focus on the specific aspects you want to emphasize. For instance, do you have a flashy young dressage prospect with incredible movement which you'd really like to highlight? No problem. Or perhaps you have a hunter who isn't necessarily a "10" mover, but happily and safely carries his rider over every type of fence and is an absolute delight to have in the barn. We can tell that story too. 

Visit our YouTube channel to see more samples of videos we've done for our happy clients,

and contact us to see what we can do for you.

The Wow Factor:  Here are some lovely horses/ponies which were featured in sales videos produced by Yellow Horse Marketing.  Judge for yourself & let us know what you think.  Or better yet - try our services & let your successful sales speak for themselves. 

The Steady Eddie:  This type of video is what we commonly see in equine advertising, where the horse performs a dressage test, hunter round, etc. filmed either at home or at a show. Many choose to add popular music that they like and believe add entertainment value, but actually ends up being loud, distracting, and often completely inappropriate. While this type of video may give a buyer a decent view of performance, they get no idea of the horse's character nor are likely to be emotionally motivated to pick up the phone to schedule a visit.  And, they're most likely yawning and fast-forwarding by the 30-second mark.  Grade: B-

The Born Free Shot:  Many potential buyers will ask to see a horse moving at liberty to give them an idea of the horse's natural movement.  But too often the seller's video looks like this, taken with a smartphone with the horse running like a nut around a field, too out of control and too far away for any real indication of talent.  Grade: F

The Moving Picture Show:  Photo collages are very popular, but make no mistake: they do NOT take the place of "real" video. While they can be lovely and include text & nice music, they give sellers no idea of how the horse really performs in real life.  Grade: C-

But beware: some people think that just

because they have video capabilities on

their smartphone or a $100 camcorder

that they can shoot great videos which will effectively work for marketing. Unfortunately, you don't get credit for just having a video - it has to be good. And simply adding a favorite pop tune at high volume onto a home-made YouTube video won't cut it either. A good video can do wonders, but a bad video is not only a letdown, it can actually do harm to a business or image. Unless someone watches a video and walks away moved, inspired, or with goosebumps, than it didn't work. (This especially applies to horses for sale videos.) People have to be motivated to act, and only videos with a message conveyed in a way that connects with the audience will do that.

As with any marketing strategy, some videos fight for your attention with flashy graphics and loud music. But our videos EARN your attention by telling a compelling story. Research shows that people make decisions with their emotions before using reason - so marketing has to connect with customers on an emotional level. And telling a story through video goes right to the heart of potential customers.

For instance, perhaps you have a nice horse for sale. How does making a compelling video with an emotional element translate to selling my horse? It doesn't have to be melodramatic. Every horse has a story, and instead of just filming him performing a boring dressage test or hunter round, we tell that story - and by telling it through video, we effectively connect your horse with potential customers before they ever see him in person.

In this day and age where we are constantly inundated with media vying for our immediate attention, you have to stand out from the crowd to succeed. Perhaps no other marketing avenue immediately engages the public's attention as much as video, and this applies just as much to the equestrian market as mainstream media.

That's why we're excited to announce equine video production services from Yellow Horse Marketing. Whether you have a product, business, farm, or horse for sale to promote, effective video marketing can make the difference in making the sale or buyers looking elsewhere.  Here's why.

Think you can't afford a custom sales video for your horse, product, or business?

Consider this: a custom video from Yellow Horse Marketing may be more affordable than you think.

If a professional video makes the difference in a successful sale, then you can't afford NOT to do it! 

custom video production by equestrians, for equestrians.